Wolfgang Oehme, FASLA Landscape Architect in Baltimore Maryland Washington DC : Official Website
The German American Landscape Architect Who Revolutionized American Garden Design.
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About Wolfgang Oehme

Landscape Architecture Career

Landscape architect, Wolfgang Oehme, as founding principal, along with partner, James van Sweden, of Oehme, van Sweden & Associates, Inc., spearheaded the revolutionary garden style called the New American Garden . Based in Washington , DC , OVS designed many private and public gardens, including major federal government projects, throughout much of the US , starting in the mid 1970's. This remarkable team's unique style encompasses the simple beauty and grandeur of the American prairie defined by large sweeps of herbaceous perennials and grasses, and strongly eschewed the regimented mainstream gardens of the day of clipped shrubs and annuals. Never before had our senses been bombarded with such an explosion of large color masses, riots of many textures, sounds of frolicking birds and rustling grasses, and sweet fragrant flowers. The feeling of sheer beauty and calmness that emanates in their gardens reminds us of our connection to nature. Their efforts have immensely changed the American gardens to a more natural style and more use of perennials and grasses.

Wolfgang and Jim continue to push the boundaries of what is accepted as they strive to bring nature back into peoples' lives and stem the onslaught of global warming.

Wolfgangfs legacy continues with his son, Roland Oehme, as he started his own landscape architecture firm called Green Harmony Design (see www.GreenHarmonyDesign.com), which specializes in gBeautiful, Edible, Organic & Regenerative Gardensh. Roland Oehme completed an apprenticeship in Stuttgart, Germany (the green roof capital of the world), studied landscape architecture at the University of Georgia, and worked professionally in southern California and Maryland.

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